No I don't online date. This is just things that I have been observing since I became single. I just noticed that getting dates has changed a lot.
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Dating has changed quite a bit, in several ways. I feel bad for younger girls now. Not that it was anywhere near a picnic before, but many of the changes have not been for the better.

I have dated some guys who also dated a few women younger than them (nothing new in itself but...), and they seem to want to keep most of their conversations between texting or something online. I like to text, have no problems with it in general, but when it comes to getting to know a guy it's not the way I like to communicate. It's too easy for people to put on an act. I miss taking on the phone, having the need to see someone more, and hearing someones voice. That can clue you in to much more. As I mentioned in another thread, some guys also spend a great deal of time attached to their phone on dates. They are constantly checking to see what else is going on, and much of this is image/social media based. I have met far more shallow and easily distracted guys in the past few years than I ever had before. Why not? They have a catalog of possible dates to flip through at their finger tips. It's very hard for some to resist, and an immediate killer for me. If you can't make it through dinner, take your ADHD and get out.

For me, I might see a guy and think he's handsome but what attracts me is always so much more than appearance, and the more I get to know about a guy, the more attractive he becomes in my eyes. At the rate my dates have been going, i'll never get to know anyone again. Lol
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??