Where did you find the tshirts? I hate when my shirt comes up with inversions!

I'm a big fan of Lucy hatha capris and also Athleta's kickbooty shorts, they stay put for me
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The tees are Zella from Nordstrom. Usually around $30.

Update time again...I've kicked up my yoga practice from "half-assed effort at the gym a few times a week" to "daily at a yoga studio." I still have a big booty, but I feel so much better and calmer about it :-). I also have a newfound love for tights and leggings for yoga. I realized that my previous aversion wasn't to how I actually looked, but to how I felt. Since I now feel so much more comfortable in my body, I'm okay with skin-tight apparel that hugs every dip and curve. So now I'm really happy with Athleta. I recently bought the Chatarunga capri and the Revelation capri, and I couldn't be more thrilled. No sagging at the ankles. No drooping during inversions. No more relaxed-fit yoga pants for me (unless I'm lounging around with Netflix, of course).

I like the fit of the Kickbooty, but I can't get over having the Athleta logo right on my buttcrack. All of their other pants put the logo on the waistband...I don't know why Kickbooty is so much lower.
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