Sincerely though (and just generally speaking), I wish girls in the younger generations knew what it was like to have no cell phones, no distraction, and just each other for entertainment.

PS- I don't know how old you are (i am in my late 30's) but word of advice... Avoid the younger ones like the plague. I typically only date people 3 years younger or older, but anytime I have strayed out of that in the past few years it's been rather pathetic.
Originally Posted by Fifi.G
Omg I feel the same!! Like how do you get to know someone over texting? He's probably texting multiple women at once.

My friends think im weird for wanting to call than text but oh well.

When I start dating I hope the guy wont mind me calling, but I feel like if I did I'd seem easy or desperate. Because a phone call is more of a big deal than texting, its seen as 'oh they're really interested'.

I started college a few months ago & guys that hit on me seem kinda forward. They ask when they can see me or what im doing later on……when they barely know me!

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