It has seriously messed with attention spans.

The last guy I was in a relationship with, who was in his mid 30's, only texted. He was also an extended co worker so I talked to him on the phone at work, but that is completely different. It was quite a change, and he had mainly been in relationships with girls in their 20's, so it was the norm for him. Before that he was married and had a son. It was jot the norm. The majority of my serious relationships took place before cell phones or when only a random few had one, or with guys who still preferred to call. I was used to not talking to a guy until after school/work/whatever obligation. You were not bothered during that time and he texted non stop. Where are you? What are you doing? Are you mad? Why haven't you texted back yet? Hello? Good grief! It was all or nothing. Not even remotely used to that. It was not hard to figure out when his attention had drifted. He got quiet.

In fact, the two guys I went out with before him just wanted to text and were all over the place. I agree, it seems like standards have been lowered and almost impossible to have a good face to face conversation with a guy. I'm not going into a date with too many expectations. Just put down your phone and actually talk. That's supposed to be point.
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Yes!!! It's like phones have taken over everything. My ex used to text during just about everything. It's like his phone was attached to his hand. We would go to the movies, he would text threw the whole thing. He would text in the bathroom, driving, dinner, work, it got so bad that he would even try to text during sex. Which was my breaking point. I never understood why he needed to text so much. But I guess whoever he was chatting with was more important. I totally agree with you, good old fashion face to face dating really needs to make a come back and fast.

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