What a morning. I couldn't take it. I left my friend a note and went to my mom's. I ended up falling out on her couch and woke up 10 min after my friend had texted me, asking where I was. He didn't see my note, freaked out, and had already left by the time I rushed back. Lol. Ugh. He is being a little b**ch and refusing to respond to my texts. Would have been f**king handy because now I have to turn around and go back to my moms soon.

Little Bit was completely disoriented last night. I'll spare you all the details but from a little after 4-6 was rough. I was 99.9% sure she would not be alive when I woke up. She has a UTI. I'm very sure of it now. She finally peed. It's all over the place. I fed her and ran out. I've got some cleaning to do in a few, and I am very close to cussing my mom. She still has not left, and she was supposed to leave at 9. I lied and said her cat was okay because I don't want her driving and freaking out, and because she had me on speaker and little ears were listening. I hate everyone.

For a min I am drinking some coffee and hanging out with my cats.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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