Take your time! Don't go for the scissors yet!

Use the heaviest of the heaviest conditioner you have, and slowly start detangling. Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up! This way there is less pressure on the hair. Also, do you happen to have Kinky Curly Knot Today? Whenever my tangles get so bad I get natural dreads, KCKT is the only thing that perfectly gets the tangles out.

Current length: tailbone
Goal length: mid-thigh (wet)
3A/2C M iii med por, high elast

Clarify: Nivea
Lo-poo: Nature's Gate
CW: Elvive Volume Collagen
RO: EO Keratin, Desert Essence Raspberry

LI: Elvive volume collagen, KCKT
Seal: Grapeseed oil
Gel: Studioline

PT: EO Keratin co
DT: RO+oils
Hairgrowth stim.: JBCO+EVCO

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