The first time I tried co washing I noticed a lot of fall out in the shower. At first I though it was just trapped hair since my hair had been up. But after about a week of cowashing I realized a lot of hair was coming out each time. I don't see any balding on my head but my pony tail is thinner.I never scrub hard because I have long nails, so I do more of a gentle massage instead. I quit co washing and just use regular shampoo about every three days (sometimes four if I am lucky), and now I don't notice the fall out as much anymore. I have fine hair and and oily scalp so shampooing is necessary for me.
2a/2b, Medium Porosity, Medium Density, Lower Back Length, Growing out highlights.
Shampoo: SMMR Conditioner: SMMR or Organix Keratin Oil Leave In: Organix Shea Butter DC: Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba oil mixed all together with v05 conditioner.
“Imperfection is beauty.”
― Marilyn Monroe