Thanks for all your help, ladies! I was in a complete panic.. This is not the first time I step in the shower and got a complete frizzball of hair. I've used a lot of proteinrich stuff last summer. But my allready healthy hair doesn't seem to care for it much. It seals my hair completely off to anything moisturizing. Then all moisturizing thing just lay on it and won't penetrate at all. This is going on for a while now. It resulted in hairloss and me being in the shower detangling for hours..:'(

To resolve this mess today I made a DT from conditioner mixed with honey, AVG and some olive oil. Put that in my hair, showercap on and a hot towel on top. I left it for half an hour and then, very carefully, started detangling. And it worked! It took me a while, but the big frizzy clump came apart and I was able to get the knots out! Amazing.

Well, my next question is: how can I prevent this from happening EVER again?
Cause this has been a nightmare for me the past month. I am still afraid to get in the shower again, next time.
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