Thank you, Starmie. I was just thinking about calling my mom. This will be a strange morning for her. I'm going to miss conversations with my little weirdo, and I know she will. Being a tortoiseshell, she was a talker and a half, especially in the mornings.


I was just going through my bird pictures and thinking of the different types that have no differences in color variations between males and females. I always found it a little crappy that males get the flashy colors, but it's necessary. They have to show off to attract a mate and the females need to blend in and protect the nest. Anywho, back to the others... American Crows, Wrens, the Tufted Titmouse (I love this bird)

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, several owl species, etc. I know females are usually larger in the owl world and you can spot the male birds because they show out more. Also, the male crows are more likely to steal the bling to attract a woman. He with the prettiest mating area and dance, wins. Lol. Enough with the rambling. I came across this pic and I still have no idea what this bird is. I have only seen it once, and found it in none of my NC bird books. It's almost like a cedar waxwing, but it's not. I just call it the lone ranger because of it's cute little mask

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Does anyone have an idea? Sorry for the small pic.
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Fifi, I'm not completely sure, but your adorable little birdie may be a female Common Yellowthroat. Go to this page, and scroll about halfway down to the pic of the female. It looks similar to what you posted. If not, I don't have a clue, but it sure is pretty. I've never seen one like that.

Speaking of the lovely tufted titmouse, I almost had one land on my shoulder today! I was out back filling up all the different feeders, and was bent over for a few minutes filling one of the larger feeders when all of a sudden I heard AND felt a fluttering of wings on my right shoulder! I think Tufted realized at the last moment that I was not a tree or a bush, and aborted his landing just before I felt his little birdy feet on my back. There was immediately a commotion in the bush to my right where he landed instead -- the two of us just gave each other the look, then he recovered his dignity and flew off. hehe

ETA: All I could think was "Oh, lawrd, pleeeeeeeeze don't let him have pooped on my shirt." lol

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