Yes! I just read this article when they posted it as well. It works absolute wonder for my hair!

Currently I'm using:
L: YTB or NG Henna
O: SM Reconstructive Elixir (it's a bit too light, but I'll use it for now)
C: SM Curl & Style Milk
Originally Posted by sixelamy
Hey sixelamy, I've noticed your avatar pic in a few threads and your hair looks like what I imagine mine could be if I keep taking care of it and loving my curls (well, other than a little longer...but curl type, etc.). I was wondering about you think with my hair type (in my siggie) my hair sounds similar to yours - so maybe LOC could work for me too?!
Hair type: still trying to figure that out
Hair info (I think): coarse / medium-high porosity / medium density / long (past elbows but want to donate ASAP)

Still Trying to Decide What's Best for Me!
Co-wash: As I Am Coconut Co-Wash
Conditioner: GVP Conditioning Balm
Leave-in: As I Am Leave-In
Styling: Garnier Pure & Clean gel