I'm 14 years old, almost fifteen, and lately I've been greatly considering going natural. For a while now, I've been researching styles and trying to figure out exactly what "hair type" I am. Just recently the idea that my hair could be severely heat damaged crossed my mind. I've been getting my hair straightened using the "Dominican method" since about 5th grade and before that my mother would hot comb my hair. I've gotten my hair using this method roughly every 2-3 weeks since fifth grade skipping one of two summers almost entirely, I'm currently in ninth grade. I've never gotten my hair permed or relaxed and my hair is currently just past "bra strap length" and judging by my seventh grade year book photo, where it was a little less than neck length, I'd say it's been growing very well. Early this summer, towards the middle of June, I got my ends clipped to about shoulder length. I've attached a few photos of my hair after it's been freshly washed at a salon. My question is, after reading this, do you think my hair texture is severely damaged/loosened from the excessive heat or do you think it's been moderately damaged and this is mainly my natural hair texture. Also, judging by the attached photos, what do you think my hair type is? One last thing you should know about me is that I do have some European and Native American roots mixed in with my African American ethnicity. Those roots are not exactly immediate, but my grandparents and great grandparents were mixed with white and many types of native american as well as black and some of them were even immediate biracial. My father claims that I receive my hair texture from my Native American great grandmother and that his hair is also very similar to mine, but I'm still afraid that it could very well just be that my hair is damaged. Thank you xx.
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