^ Aw. Good Auntie, Scrills That would be fun, and I bet he would enjoy it.

I wish I would have been able to see my youngest nephews this weekend. I think mom enjoyed her trip. She had to reschedule once before, but promised to watch the youngest play baseball before his season was up. He apparently told the whole team that his mamaw was coming. She said every time he got up to bat or pitch (he mainly pitches) his team yelled, "make mamaw proud!" Hehe. She loved it. The 13 year old could have cared less, though. He wanted to stay home and he refused to watch. His Aspergers makes him highly uncomfortable in social situations. He would only look at his iPad.

Bless him. They finally told him a little bit about his other health problems. He is already on a blood pressure pill.

I feel bad for bestie. He went to a free dental clinic today, was told by a hygienist that he had migraines due to a repressed childhood trauma and she was going to pray for him to remember it. He said she was pretty out there, and he told her if that was the case, he'd rather not. Then he had to have his tooth yanked because they couldn't fix it and the cheapest reference was $1700. He just quit his job. Friday is his last day, and he does not have another lined up at the moment. He saved enough to take a 2 month break.

Other than that, dang it! It's going to get cold tonight. I'm glad to be done with errands and back home in my warm pj's.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??