bringingcurliesback?, sealing is a good idea. That, or using a leave-in like some suggested, could help preventing all the tangles.
In the colder winter days I use coconut oil to seal and that always works. But for higher dews I need a good leave-in that doesn´t weigh my hair down. I´ve found it a difficult thing with fine and low poreus hair to find a good leave-in, so usually I just don´t use any cause it weighs my hair down.
What would you suggest I should use for a leave-in?

Although cutting it that short is indeed not an option, BCB?, Kathymack is right, I certainly do need one It´s been six months since my last haircut. I hope to get it cut next week.

Thinking about Sixilamy´s idea to DT every washing day, I wonder if it be a good idea to pre-condition before every wash. To help get the tangles out. Anyone here ever used that method?

I´m certainly going to try the detangling method that Jimipie describes! My nape hair is always a terrible dry and tangled mess, getting even worse in winter. I don´t have to wash my hair that often, but detangling in between washes, especially at the nape, is really neseccary.

Lauraimes & Kathymack, I´ve been watching my hair´s reaction after using polyquats very closely. It seems I have trouble with PQ-10 (and maybe with more PQ´s) since that is in the CCCCL as well as in a low-poo that makes my hair a freakin´ mess every time I use it. And reading my hair diary, I seem to get over-conditioned very quickly after using the CCCCL. So that definately has to go.
On the other hand I regularly use a conditioner (for multiple uses) with PQ-37 and that doesn´t seem to bother me at all. But I´ll be careful not to use that too often.
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