Look for a regular conditioner which is CG-approved but does not contain oils or butters? That way you get the moisture but without being so weighed down.

I'm currently trying to find a balance... It seems like most of my hair prefers a lighter leave in (currently using my protein rich Schwarzkoph Gliss Total Volume just because I have it around) while my more damages hair seems to want more oil and butters and loves my Garnier Respons Avocadoil & Sheabutter. :S
CG since 8th of September 2013 - learning in progress!

3a/m/iii - waist length wet
Cleanser: Naturelle Volumizing
Conditioner/LI: Garnier Respons Avocadooil and Shea Butter, Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Conditioner
Styling: Eldorado Hairgel Strong