And so it begins... I am with 2 part timers the next 4 nights. This may be interesting. At least one knows what he is doing. The other, not in the slightest.

ETA ^ I was not kidding. I know this guy has only worked sporadically, but he has still worked here since May or June. Long enough to not be asking me if he should give a domestic out or not when he hangs up a 911. That should not be asked at all, but we'll excuse it the first day or two. Same applies to fire alarms. He's an air head, and if he informs me that I can answer the phone and "deal with" a specific caller, when they call back, because he has had enough after one phone call... We are going to have a problem. I've been talking to them for ten years. We'll talk about dealing with it.

I need to get sick and be out of work + have my regular time off more often. Someone cleaned this office top to bottom, rearranged things, and did a really nice job. They threw out our Astroids (Atari game) poster, which is a no no, but other than that it's fantastic! I normally walk in to a disaster area.

Have a good weekend all! The public is distracted by a giant parade at the moment, but we will be going from zero to 300 soon, and probably stay that way.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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