Now, this is not something I've come to brag on . . but it has made me very worrisome. I've gone to the doctor's and told her of the problem of me gong from 128 lbs to 112 lbs to top it off I have a fast metabolism and I'm still losing weight.

I was wondering if anyone has a similar issue and has formulated a diet and exercise routine that allows them to gain weight in a healthy manner as well as maintain it despite their metabolism.

At one point in my undergrad I was able to gain weight easily and the most I was ever able to weigh was 137lbs. I was most comfortable that way. I've tried eating badly which hasn't worked, read that drinking one gallon of whole milk a day would help coupled with exercise a small amounts of cardio, and then there's always protein shakes that never work.

I'm at a loss. Help.
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