I have quite a bit of shea moisture products. Yesterday I used the dry/ damaged (yellow labeled), shampoo, conditioner, and dt together for the very first time. My hair is much shorter now but it made my hair very soft rather than greasy and it smells glorious. I actually used the deep treatment kind of like a styler and sealed with some argan oil.
I like frizz so I tried to style ny hair frizzy but it wasn't crazy frizzy lol. The milks are awesome but the curl and shine (which I currently don't have on me) is much more defining for me than the yucca. The yucca is much more yucka to me... but I use it when I want to keep it bedheady and just want softer hair (like I said haven't tried it with short hair yet).

I wanna try them in conjunction with fsg *_*!
That's a new idea I will be likely to try haha!

I wouldn't say these particular products are for that slippery moisture but more so a butterier kind if that makes sense.

The yellow label conditioner lasted me ages! I just bought a new bottle and haven't even used it yet haha

The curl enhancing smoothie worked awesome when my hair was longer but I haven't liked it the last time (maybe cause I still need to get used to not being heavy handed anymore now that I have less than 1/3 the hair lol).
It works good for detangling before washes as well!

I'm actually going to try to do only shea moisture and kinky curly in my routine. I'm a major pj and quite frankly it is really unhealthy. I could stay online or in the hair product section just smelling conditioners and reading stuff for hours. I even dream about hair sometimes lol. I wanted to try curl junkie etc. But was like maybe I shouldn't let myself at this point in my curly broke ass college kid life just yet. My hair might fall in love and it will be romeo/juliet like. So yeah ahhaha.
I was juat worried about glycerin but We'll see how that goes this winter with shea moisture.

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