I have just recently started doing a rotation cleansing regimen with my hair. I cannot say for sure it will work yet or that the products I use are best...but because my non-porous hair is so so vulnerable to build up I came up with this idea and so far so good because my hair is starting to feel oily again which I really love whereas it seemed it was starting to reject everything.

So basically...first off...I do not use conditioner. Conditioner gives me build up instantly and is very very drying when left on my hair. Instead, I use oil only but my preference goes to mineral oil. On Ktani Hair Sense Blog she discusses how mineral oil is very very easy to remove (as opposed to petroleum), that even cocamidopropyl betaine can remove it. She does not say that part exactlt but she does say co-washing can remove it, and several sites including Naturally Curly confirm that cocamidopropyl betaine removes MO. Not only that Ktani states that it seals in 99% moisture where other oils and silicones are 30 and less. She states it is the best detangler.

Ok so obviously a cleansing conditioner has other ingredients thar build up. So this is why let us say if I wash my hair three times a week...the first time I wash with a diluted sulfate free shampoo, next time cleansing cream...next diluted poo...then once or twice a month...a harsh poo with no moisturizing add ins and no other fillers...just strict business. In that case even a small amount directly applied to hair to avoid build up.

So these are the cleansers I am working with:

Jason Fragrance Free
Curls Cleansing Cream
Giovanni 50:50
Neutrogena Anti-Residue

For my daughter...I use argan oil instead of mineral oil. It also has a fairly low iodine value which means it is not difficult to remove. Instead of cleansing cream (she has oily hair) I just dilute Burt's Bees sulfate free baby poo and only oil her curly ends. No reapplication for either of us until next wash.

Once every two weeks I would dilute the neutrogena and use on her hair because build up for her causes greasy hair and scalp issues. For me I get less volume and split ends.

This is my theory. Email me charlotte.quevedo@gmail.com and I can keep you updated with how it works.

I used sulfate shampoos for the longest and they dried out my hair and made it frizzy. Now I use sulfate free shampoos like Healthy Sexy Hair/Curly Sexy Hair and I have been getting lots of buildup and my hair is weighed down. I realized the second and third ingredient are silicones which cause buildup. So it's like there's no winning...what should I use?

I do want to use shampoo btw. I know some people use the no shampoo method but I couldn't imagine doing that. My hair gets very dark and gross looking after I haven't washed in 2 days. I couldn't imagine never using shampoo.
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