I love the detangling properties but I often see people say it's not a leave in but it is specifically described as such my the makers. What gives?
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Cosmetics manufacturers make many claims about their products that cannot really be substantiated or don't match the ingredients, 'repair' is the classic.

I've certainly said I don't feel KCKT is a 'true' conditioner but more of a detangler, I've never said it's not suited to leaving in. Nor have I claimed it is or is not 'moisturising' - that word is invariably used incorrectly. KCKT contains no oils and little of the major emollients, a true conditioner should be rich in fatty alcohols and/ or cationic surfactants.

It's also pH 7 so is not 'resetting' the pH after shampooing which is a key role of a conditioner
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