Yep, I am going with the first one, on both my co workers. I can not take 2 more nights of this. The boy needs to go home at 1 am tomorrow (oh yes, I have the power), and the other needs to calm down and clean up. He has turned this office upside down, moved furniture around to work on school projects and not put it back (we had oxygen tanks, face masks, rubber gloves, scopes and breathing tubes thrown all over the damn place). He is now blasting his tv and a computer game, while he has every tragically bright fluorescent light on. My head is busting. We keep it dim and somewhat peaceful in here for a very important reason.

The other has gotten on my nerves one too many times. No excuse. He asks for help and then acts like a know it all. He wanted to know where a specific apartment bldg was located. I tell him it is off Apple Tree Lane. He corrects me and screams, "No! It's off Omega Court!" Which means he had the address pulled up, was looking at the information, and could have clicked directions for very thorough specifics. I told him to look and see which main road Omega Drive was off of, and told him it would be Apple Tree. He snapped again. "I don't know!". That's why I am trying to tell you. Shut up and listen. When he gave it out he said OMEGA ROAD really loud. Please, and he wonders why no one wants to work with him. He's still insisting we "handle the next call" from so and so because he isn't dealing with it. He asked our other co worker if he could put him down for a reference when he applied for another part time job. He told him he might not like the honest reference he gives. He still thinks he is kidding. :-/ He is not. This guy is no where near ready for or serious about a job, but he does not mind playing boss.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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