Kathymack, with BCB I meant BringingCurliesBack

Well, I am very glad to say that I think Iīve resolved my hair problems with ALL of YOUR advise!

In between washes I detangled my nape hairs, and that was really necessairy.
I pre-conditioned my hair before washing with Beauticurls LI. Before washing I detangled my hair with some KC Tiny Twirls. I donīt have KCKT,but this is itīs babysister. I bought this for my daughter and it has the same ingredients as the Knot Today. So I gave it a try. It worked without all the hairloss I had recently. Me happy.
I found a very good, all natural, low-poo (Urtekram Aloe Vera) last week. I used it to get the rest of the build-up out of my hair. My hair finally feels like hair again, for the first time in a months or so! For RO I used Aubrey Organics GPB (leave it in my hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing), to test if my hair is bothered by the proteins in it. But no, my hair feels soft and moisturized. The Tiny Twirls I used for LI.
Then I styled my hair with Pattern Pusha, a bit AVG for extra moisture, and a small amount of hold gel. Volume is back. It took a while for my hair to absorb all products (whole day), but my hair is fine right now. Soft, moisturized curls that are not weight down.

So, you were right. It was the polyquats that bothered me. To keep myself from using the CO with PQ ever again, I threw the rest of the bottle away. The CCCCL I wonīt ever use again either.
And I will go for a haircut this week.

Thanks for all your help!
2B/C-3A) fine - low porosity
Wash: Daily Fix,SMT, Kesham, Urtekram
RO: Motions CPR Li, Inecto Cocos co, AO GPB, KCTT
acv-rinse, sometimes honey-rinse
LI: coconut oil (winter), CJBC-LI
Styling: AVG, Etos Solid Power Gel, Taft gel, CJPP
Plopping~Pixiecurl diffuse~clipping

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