Sorry I'm talking so much 😳 but it's nice to find someone going through exactly what I'm going through. My hair actually looks good but I don't want to wear it loose until its long becuase it just I don't like volume. I actually would rather have limp flat hair then voluminous curly hair. So now I play the waiting game......
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I am exactly like that haha! But my hair doesn't look good. When my hair grows out longer, I'll completely stop damaging my hair, and go natural
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Omg that's what I'm saying!! "oh I'll stop straightening once I grow my hair out and it weighs it self down"

But no actually that wont happen if hair is damaged and breaking off! Your hair grows but at the same time the ends are brittle and its like your hair never grows.

---Now I've stopped using heat so often and my hair IS showing growth! I'm even thinking about straightening my hair 2-4 times a month instead of 6-12.
I love seeing healthy curls and my twist/braid outs don't unravel at the ends.

Try taking long breaks so your hair can recover from damage. If you don't like your curls you can put it in a French braid, bun or ponytail. It's better than using heat.

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