Hi I'm not new but I haven't been very active in the forum. I've been trying all kinds of different products and remedies for my curls but I haven't found anything that I'm 100% satisfied with (I feel like im getting close though). I was recently introduced to a homemade product containing coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil, lime juice and avocado. Additionally I have tried to stay away from gels and started using Shea Moisture products. But it seems like my hair is still missing something. I think I have 3b hair...here's a pic, please take a look and suggest anything you think might help my curls. I have a hard time with the big fluff and frizzy curls so I'd like products that would help manage that if at all possible.
Porosity: normal (i think)
Density: high
Width: medium
Length: long

Fav Products
AIA Cowash

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