Hello, AJ here

I've determined that I have the texture of 3A hair (my hair is very soft and the strands are fine), but the "appearance" of 3B (being that I have a lot of spiral curls). I'm 'tri-racial' I suppose; half puerto rican on my mother's side and my father is half african-american, half irish.

Recently, just like many others on this site, I've embraced my curly hair. For the first time in my life I dyed my hair (it was originally dark, dark brown-almost black and I dyed it to a lighter brown) with Feria 45 by Loreal. I have to say that I'm thoroughly please with that particular product. Not only are my curls visible (before it just looked like a dark blob and you couldn't see individual spirals of curls), but the lighter color has made my eyes look lighter as well; which, if you have dark brown eyes, is pretty neat!

After scoping through this site for months, gather tips and such, I've switched from Tresemme to Garnier Fructis (my hair has never been so lightweight!)

To end this, I'll ask a question. I've been wanting to grow my hair out, it is shoulder length now, but I've been reading that people with fine curly hair shouldn't grow it out. Apparently the curls weight the hair down and makes it look flat/thin. Is this true?

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