Curly hair is very versatile so it shouldn't be hard to find stuff to do. BoticelliBrit and the others have some excellent advice. And not that you need anymore experience but I straightened my hair for years. It would always go back to the same length after trims because what grew would be damaged. Pssh it was coarse and dry etc. Now I went through quite some transitioning (more like ignorance). I'm obsessed with hair lol
So sometimes forgetting about it can do it some good. But then again don't completely forget about it haha!
The results are so worth it! And the journey is amazing. That's why chopped my hair and started over (after it had become healthy lol). Cause once I reached the length ehh it was kinda well Boring. Now its fun again! Plus I canbe like by the time my hair is blank length I'll have blanked. Etc.
Sorry im going on and on haha
Just love your hair and it will love you back!
Think about using heat on your skin. .. now imagine your hair. OUCH.
Hair cruelty. Its a damn shame.

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