You appear to be a beautiful woman judging by your picture here! I'm serious.

But you are right there are quite a few areas in Mexico where African slaves ran away and formed colonies to rebel against the Spaniards...and wisely for their own preservation of future generations they intermarried with Indians and mestizos.

I am mixed with black and white, and when it comes to ppl like me appearing to be "Mexican," I take the cake. My husband is Mexican and when he first saw me he thought I was too. But he was fine with it either way and we have two beautiful children, one with straighthair and one with hair that is half straight and half curly, lol. My hair was straight until I entered adolescence.

What I can tell you is that I have been to Mexico and I watch Mexican shows like Mexico's Next Top Model. Mexican women are gorgeous in a very unreal kind of way...whether they are curly, straight or in between. My dad who is black always says my daughter looks like a "beautiful Hispanic girl." I think he is thinking of some of those dreamy looking Latinas! Lol

Have you seen Sahily Cordova? She is from Hermosillo, Sonora and she is definitely a ten times 100. She is unreal. She won Mexico's Next Top Model and she has the curliest, most voluminous hair ever, plus her eyes are green.

Be proud and btw, the runner up was extremely envious of Sahily's hair. Curly hair seems to be coveted in Mexican mpdels and having it gives you a strong advantage. I figured this out because Leti, who also had curly hair, kept using that as her selling point.

Not that straight hair is not pretty, it is just more common in Mexico, but some of the prettiest Mexican girls have straight hair.

maybe I just need to vent. I have very thick mid length 3c curls and I am mexican-american. my family comes from a part of mexico where there was slave trading in the 1700's and everybody just sort of mixed up with everybody else. I just hate that people assume i am a whole slew of other things. it's not bad, people have given me wonderful compliments and sometimes i love that I am never categorized. i do get compliments on an almost weekly basis even. i suppose that i am just complaining/griping/thinking too much about my hair. because of my curly hair i don"t look the way that i am "supposed to" look being mexican. i am very proud of my culture and active in the community, but often get odd looks because i am relaxer free for 3 yrs. and wear my hair the way that it grows out of my head.
thanks for listening.
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