Your pink pimple cream just made me giggle, though I don't mean to laugh at your pain

My friend needs to find a job or do something. Damn. He has been nothing but one huge mess since his last weekend at work. He texted me last night saying the guy he has been seeing was texting him all week, but kept avoiding him when he asked about hanging out. And he thinks he saw an add on Craig's List that had a picture of his body, but he isn't sure if it was his body, but it could of been. (The whole time I al thinking... why were you looking at the adds?) He calls me just a minute ago to tell me the whole story which sums up to... Guy invited him to his birthday party last weekend. BFF thought this was strange, because he knows none of his friends. Why would he want me to meet his friends? Is it because he just wants me to be a friend? Screw that! I didn't go. So then he starts texting me randomly, which equals he just texted about nothing for 2 days. Thursday and yesterday, and not all day. So he freaks out about that. Why did he text me two different times yesterday? Is it because he now just thinks of me as a friend? Wouldn't most people be happy about a party invite and a guy they like contacting them more? Am I spending too much time alone?

Yes, yes I think you are.

I'm like look, you said he was probably moving back home soon, he is working his notice at his job, and if he does just want to he friends, that's okay. He's probably not going to be here anyway. Just take a f**king Xanax and chill out. The next time someone invites you somewhere, GO! Step away from the computer and go!
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??