I could hear desperation all around him. I sincerely hope he does not pull his regular crap. This is not the first time he has quit his job of 17 years. He has done it 3 times before, for just a few months at a time, but things are different now. New owners, not his friends of 20 years anymore. At different times he has wanted a change, been dating a new guy who was getting ready to move, quit work and ended up going with the guy. I talked him out of the last one because the guy was a total lush and he honestly couldn't stand him. He just flips out, wants to get out of town, grasps at straws and ends up in Omaha Nebraska. Yeah, like that was going to be soooo much better. I gave it 5 months, he was back in 4. I gave DC 2 months, he was back in 1.5. Idk why he keeps doing this. He loves it here, but he has to be miserable no matter what. That is him.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??