So many things I loved have changed formulas.
I am especially mad at the new Matrix Biolage formulas! The ultra hydrating balm and conditioning balm were great. I had lots of the old formula, but now it's gone. The new ones are making my hair feel dry, the water evaporates as soon as I wash it, and it tangles like crazy.
I am ready to move on! I want to try something new. Holy Grail ideas?

1st- Any help for a very moisturizing conditioner with no parabens, no proteins, no cones? Also, my hair does not like a lot of oil (coconut, apricot, shea, etc).

2nd- How about a moisturizing shampoo- no or low sulfates, protein free, NO salicylic acid, low/no oils?

Thank you for any help.I am willing to try co too.