You appear to be a beautiful woman judging by your picture here! I'm serious.

But you are right there are quite a few areas in Mexico where African slaves ran away and formed colonies to rebel against the Spaniards...and wisely for their own preservation of future generations they intermarried with Indians and mestizos.
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... But anyway, yeah, people do look racially mixed in Mexico because they are.

To the OP: Curly hair is a one of several Mexican traits because Mexican people are quite racially mixed, so there's no need to feel like an outsider among your own mixed people. If you're being mistaken for someone black/white (like that friend of yours), maybe that's because it's what you are Embrace and celebrate WHATEVER you happen to be.

The whole colorism insanity has been around for so long, plaguing so many countries. At the end of the day, beauty has nothing to do with how light or dark anyone's skin is, or any other features. That's all a gigantic, stinking lie.

I like that you're embracing your culture by wearing your hair as it really is: naturally curly

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