I just used the normal formula curl remover today. I loved it! I mainly focused on my roots and ear up area to try to get out my 4a kinks some. It loosened my kinks into a wave. I also applied a light amount to my length (3c) and it loosed the curls up a tiny bit (probaby to 3a). Best part is my hair isn't frizzy/pouffy anymore!! It's defined. I couldn't get the comb though my hair with the product in so I just kinda kept pressing my hair flat with my hands. I think that's how I got rid of my crown pouffy stuff.

I've never been able to wear my hair down nautrally and I can right now. I put some aloe vera gel on my ends to help to dryness. I'm going to wait 3 days to wash then I'll see what the final results are.

As for damage: My hair was flat ironed daily for 2 years, it's damaged and breaking but i keep it under control with S&D trims. Only new damage I noticed is that it's drier then normal but I think that might be because I didn't condition after the treatment. Nothing some oil and a deep treatment couldn't handle.

Edited to Add: For reference, I left Step 1 on for 10 minutes on roots and ~8 for length.