I honestly don't know about that diffuser, as I don't have it. I see you haven't received any replies, though. I recently got a SuperSolano 3500 Lite dryer, and absolutely love it. There are three heat settings: low, which is essentially the same as the cool shot, but sustained; medium, which is a very comfortable warm setting; and high, which is a very warm setting, and still comfortable to the skin, not hot. I wasn't able to use the Solano diffuser with it – it doesn't seem to be designed for a dryer with infra-red heat, and also seems to block the airflow (even on low speed, which is all I use), but got one of the new, folding, silicone diffusers, which works really well. I also find, because the heat settings are so comfortable, that I can diffuse my hair the old way (as in prior to the introduction of diffusers) by cupping my hair in my hand, almost in a scrunch, with my fingers spread, and blowing it from the root toward the tip, which has the virtue of helping to dry my roots a lot faster.

I don't know what they have available for 220v (I'm assuming from your screen name that you're in the UK), but it's an Italian company (and the dryers are made in Italy), so they must surely have a good selection. It has a lot of other great features, which add up to my being super happy with it.

If you're in North America, not the UK, I got it from Folica.com at a great price (especially after getting a discount for sending in my old dryer for recycling), but there's more information about it at Misikko.com.

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