I lived in Mexico one summer. I saw plenty of curlies around. I saw people of different hues from blonde blue eyed to very dark.. Also I have heard a lot of people accuse Mexicans of being color struck but I have never heard anyone say anything but positive about my skin color and I have a ton of friends who are immigrants from Mexico.

Mexican is a nationality not a race. Anyone who is a citizen of Mexico is a Mexican regardless of race just like in the US or the UK ect. If someone said they were half black half American or half white half American then people would think they were crazy yet it makes sense to say someone is half black half Mexican or half white half Mexican.???? It is apples and oranges. I think probably the term they mean is mestizo. My godbrother is from Mexico and he has a German last name. I have friends who are Asian Peruvians and people get freaked out when they see them speaking Spanish. Lol
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.