My back felt a bit better today, I could stand up straight again, yay. Sadly, I'm just too impatient and apparently did too much (had to shop - no food) and now it's gone again. Tomorrow is going to be 35C so a good day to sit around, too hot to do anything else. I'll have a day of tennis watching. Thanks for the good wishes.

fifi - I've seen much worse pics of Allegra in the past, more's the pity, poor girl. Donatella looks nearly as bad as Jocelyn Wildenstein.
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Aw. Take it easy. It does not take much to over do. Maybe you will feel a little better tomorrow.

In every picture I saw of her in motion, and most where she was just standing, she was clinging on to someone. The headline would say something about that person being her bff and I was thinking, no this person is holding her up. She can not walk on her own. Awful.

Is that the cat woman?
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??