Hi all,
I've been thinking about this for a very long time. And I would like some advice if anyone can help me. Well, I have naturally wavy hair, and it looks great the days I wash it. I put some mousse, or gel, or pretty much anything and curl it with my fingers a bit, and voila..it looks great and natural. I'm happy .
BUT then, night comes and I'm not sure what to do. Because morning comes, and that pretty wavy/curly hair is limp, and worst of all frizzy. I smooth it with some leave-in but not the same.
So my question to anyone who has similar wavy/curly hair is what is the best thing to do to have that natural, frizz-free hair that gotten after shower; without washing hair everyday?
I was thinking about just using a curling iron on days I don't wash, but I hate to use heat on my hair when my hair is already naturally curly.
Thanks so much for any suggestions