Dude, I can't serve papers on someone. It's too scary. Were you not thinking when you asked me? Money is not the point — safety is. What if the guy has a gun? Shudder.
And as for you, madam, why on earth do you tell people so much about your life? Keep your problems to yourself, or your big family and friends. It's creepy, and kinda gross, frankly. Besides, it was C.'s birthday lunch. Wasn't it enough that you combined it with a meeting?
Haircuts, you're a drag.
And S. I'm so sorry about your news. I wish I found it more unbelievable than I do. I'll do whatever you want me to to help. He truly is an addict. I'm so disappointed about the lying.
The good news is, I found a tootsie roll in the candy dish at work.




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