My second day hair routine involves using a scarf. I tie it the way ANaturalJoy recomends. Then I sleep with a satin bonnet on top so the scarf does not move. (I don't just do the bonnet because I end up squishing my curls.) Next morning, I wake up, refresh hair with water, fix any wayward curls and add more of a LI if my hair feels dry and go.

3A/B/C-MD-MT-APL (straight)-NL(curly)-N/HP

Total PJ #NoShame
COW: TN, As I Am Coconut CoWash
SF Poos: CD Chocolat, SM Yucca and Baobab
RO: OH Honey Hemp Conditioner, AG Re:Coil, AO HSR, AO GPB, CJ BSC, Aussie Moist
LI: OH Honey Dew, SM CES, CJ BA&OO, AG Fast Food
Stylers: EcoStyler Gel (Olive Oil or Super Protein), KMF Upper Management Gel, UFD CM, CJ CQ
DT: NHIH&TM, CD Manoi Mask
PRT: CJ Repair Me!