today marks 100 years since the birth of British acting legend Vivien Leigh, who won two Oscars for playing southern belles!
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Miss Scarlett
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I hated Miss Scarlett. That in no way says Vivian did not do a good job playing a spoiled, vindictive, selfish, manipulative brat... because she did. A very good job.

I do not know how many years it took me to make it through that movie. I tried to watch so many times, over many years, but I couldn't get past her. I could not relate anything about her to being a true southern woman. Just a small portion of elite b's (indeed) that became the stereotypical majority, as opposed to the larger numbers of incredibly hard working, wild women who were among the first to flip a finger at proper dress codes. I think I finally made it through the whole thing in my late 20's.

I did like Rhett though.
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