This is why I have always said I would not be doing this job if I had kids. Not that it's completely horrible. We have 2 weekends off a month where she is free and clear to watch her girls, and another where she can catch a game depending on time, and time off during the week. We're normally laid back and don't make a fuss. We'd never say... NO! You can never take extra time off to watch your kids!! but there are some rules. Don't take off if another co worker is scheduled to be off, unless it is an emergency, because it causes major problems due to lack of good PT help. And don't take off continuously, not allowing your co workers any breathing room. She has been breaking the crap out of those. On top of everything else she has a sick mother, father, step father and Aunt in law that constantly call needing her to do something. You can't do it all while working 12 hour swing shifts in a job where an entire county needs you to do something/help. Someone is going to have to call another family mbr, or deal with you missing a performance here and there. I completely understood that my mom could not do it all. For 1.5 years she went to work, came home, ate dinner with us, made sure my dads blood sugar was okay, packed a bag, left in enough time to relieve the home health nurse and stayed all night with her dying mom who had dementia. She did it all again the next day. Her mom was more important than our yearly Christmas Concert.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??