Before going CG I used Redken. Don't remember what the number was but I got major shrinkage with that cream. Also I had a peekaboo back then. I've been wanting to go back to creams since gels just doesn't do it for me. Underneath my hair parts I have just don't wanna stick to each other. Shea moisture I've been eyeing for a while. Might grab some soon. Atleast I can return them if my hair hates it lol.

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3B fine & medium, medium density,low/medium porosity, semi protein sensitive
COWASH: Suave Naturals green apple and coconut
RO/LI: Tresseme Naturals, Oyin hair dew
PT/DT: Ion repair solutions, my own concoction
OIL: Coconut, grapeseed & jojoba
STYLER: LA Looks nutra curl & AVJ spritz

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