Apparently 9:30-12:30 was all my body would allow to sleep today. Aunt Flo, back pain, insane dreams and can't get comfortable.

I have been reading in hopes of getting tired again and takin a nap but it's getting too late for that. Statics, too. Those sometimes make you tired They now have population in my county listed over 40,000 people. They count part time residents in there, which I think should be listed differently. They are here for 3 or 4 months out of the year. That hardly makes the residents, imo. Some idiot listed the median household income at $50,000. What are you smoking? 32-37,000 is more like it, and in many cases men make 6,000 more than women. My job has equal pay, though. It just depends on the starting salary. Mine, 10 years ago, was almost 22. People below poverty level is now at 21.4%. 18% of that is households with children and 14.8% of those 65+ live below the poverty line. 30% of children under 18 are food insecure. 14.3% on food stamps, with many more that could qualify (but will not because you don't take charity/be or feel indebted for anything because it's always end badly) and 1 in 6 seek emergency food assistance.

I know you all need to know that

I've got to get some donations together once again for our food bank. It's a good place, *I like that they charge a dollar and something, for a pretty substantial meal. Many would rather go hungry than eat there if they didn't* but I hate the lawyers who eat cheaply in their restaurant and do not donate.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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