Much better! I left work a little early last night so I could come home and actually get some sleep. I had to take Pamprin and idk what it is about that stuff, but it always makes me so tired. I'm sure the 3 hours of sleep I got the night before help intensify that. It was fall out on the desk, or in bed. I picked bed.

Pardon while I ramble:

This morning I have been listening to music and enjoying reading others lyrical interpretations. I think some are completely void of metaphorical understanding or inept at exploring the darker side of emotions/relationships. But that's just my opinion. I became curious when listening to She Wants Revenge. Though released in the mid 2000's it follows the formula of Dark Wave and Goth music which came out in the 80's. Both a romantic movement, which focused more on heart break, that was often misunderstood or ran wild with in a too literal context. Tear You Apart was my song of choice this morning. Love the music. I decided to look at others interpretations and see how they compare to mine. I always took it as a boy who likes a girl (because it mentions a school setting) but is trying to tell himself it's just a crush like the others, it will go away, but it is in fact something deeper. Something that will lead to the next somewhat forbidden level (sex). He tells a friend about the crush, the girl finds out, she decides she likes him too, and it goes from there. The lyric, "As I whisper in your ear, I wanna f**king tear you apart" always made me think of your first love, first intense passion, and how that relationship typically plays out to a devastating end that leaves you torn and broken.

Others saw it as a guy who has a crush on a girl that is dating one of his friends, he pursues it, and wants to tear apart that relationship. Some saw it as a guy who has more of SMBD side to his personality and wants to get kinky, and the rare few saw it as a psychopath rape song... Of course.

** I always saw it as a little too inexperienced and awkward for SM between school students, based on lyrics about him freezing up/ shaking/ being frightened, knees getting weak, etc. but I can see where they are coming from.

One more ETA concerning a 90's song from a different genre that was brought up in discussions about the above song. One person mentioned the misinterpretation of Nirvana's Rape Me being about Kurt asking to be raped. Wtf? I know the lyrics say, "Rape me. Rape me, my friend. Rape me. Rape me again. I'm not the only one (X4). Hate me. Do it and do it again. Waste me. Rape me, my friend... but come on. Other though it was condoning rape, some thought it was about drugs, some thought it was about the music industry and media. It's rather simple (and he explained it throughly). It was an Anti Rape Song. Do it, rape me, waste me, but you will not kill me. I am not alone. One day, I'll rape you, and you won't even know it.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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