I've been a member of this site for a long time, but I've never quite made the leap over the fence into the Curly Girl Method.

I started this weekend and so far so good. The reason for the leap is because my hair is falling out! Not in clumps or anything, but there is enough hair to clog my shower drain. I checked the photos of the shower hairball clumps, and mine is nowhere near as big as the peachball. lol But it's enough to be concerning to me.

I think what I have going on is a build up of silicones causing weakening of my hair? That's my best guess. Damn you Pantene!

So I posted and someone suggested I was in the 3 category. I'm guessing a 3A or possibly 3B, not sure. My hair is fine & thin as well. Porosity, I'm not sure.

Sunday I washed my hair with a sulfate shampoo - Sauve Naturals & conditioner. Byebye Pantene.

Today I tried my first curly girl method.

I washed with Sauve Naturals conditioner and then conditioned with more of the same.

When I got out of the shower I attempted to Plop, but don't think I did it right, but I'm sure even wrong is better than a regular towel.

After I did my makeup I unplopped and put in some spray conditioner (Just a little bit of Sauve Naturals Conditioner and a lot of water shook up in a spray bottle) and then used some hair gel (la Bella for Curly hair).

My hair looks pretty good, I think. & now for some pictures.

1. these is a recent picture, but pre curly girl and pre haircut (just got a cut last week)
2. this is the results of day 1 curly girl method
3. This is my first purchase with curly girl method in mind.

The aloe juice - I want to make a curl refresher similiar to Ouidad's Botanical Boost. I kept seeing aloe juice as the major ingredient in all the recipes I was looking at over the weekend. So I need to find it again and make some.

I have no idea what I'm doing with the Tea Tree Oil.

The Tresemee Naturals Conditioner - not really sure. I don't particularly see the need for more than 1 type of conditioner. I wanted to try it. Perhaps I'll use the Sauve Naturals for cowashing and this one for conditioning.

The Shampoo - will be returned. Just read that is not CG. I want a low sulfate/no sulfate shampoo to have on hand should I want or feel I need to shampoo. I can't imagine not shampooing my hair ever again so I'd like to have something that isn't harsh to have on hand should I need/want to.
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