Yes. I am 2b/2c/3a in that my almost waist length hair will form loose rope curls at the longest spots, but the shorter layers (armpit length) are too short and/or still recovering from being thinned out (over a year ago) and sometimes are even 2a. Today's day four hair is definitely 2a in my opinion, and it's pretty frizzy; even so, today's hair is on par with my day one hair pre-CG

I wore my hair wavy/bushy/swirly pre-CG and STRUGGLED with the pyramid look; now that I have been CG for almost a year, I have the moisture balance down and I no longer struggle with the pyramid look. My hair clumps together and for the most part, lays nicely; it also feels soft to the touch, so I am constantly touching my hair. I know it can add frizz and/or pull out definition, but having gone most of my almost 50 years not touching my hair cause it was so coarse and rough, I don't mind the frizz and/or loss of definition

I am growing out the layers and the thinning sheers mess; the Ouidad trained stylist recently cut subtle layers and I just love it. I figure in a year, the shortest obvious layer will be BSL and the thinned out sections will have fully recovered.

I wish I had 3a/3b, but I am loving my CG 2b/2c/3a, pepper and salt hair