What are the rest of your hair properties, we may be twins!
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Medium/thinning density, normal porosity, medium strands. I used to think it was coarse strands, but it was probably the silicone build-up and lack of moisture that made it feel coarse. I'm about 25% salt/75% pepper because I'm just too lazy to dye, and it is almost waist length at the longest point when stretched.

What are your methods? I low poo about every third day (although I stretched to day four today because I am lazy and with the holiday, there wasn't that many people at work) using KC Come Clean, followed by RO (I'm a product junkie so this rotates through brands), and I usually use V05 moisture milks as LI. Sometimes I follow with a bit of KCKT. The amount of V05 I leave in is considerate and I don't do any type of rinse (not even the baptismal rinse).

I turban my hair with a microfiber towel to get some of the moisture out because I don't like water/LI dripping down my back. KCCC is next, followed by a hard hold gel (rotating through since I am a PJ). Sometimes I pixie diffuse for a bit to set the gel and pattern, followed by a plop; sometimes I plop for a bit (no set amount of time) first, followed by pixie diffuse. If I diffuse before plop, I will diffuse again to about 60-70% if I don't have time to air dry! I've been leaving the crunch in and letting it work it's way out naturally (or from me touching it, lol), because then on day two it holds up better and I can get day three hair, too

And now I'm off to wash, but this time I'm going to try the As I Am LI conditioner instead of the V05/KCKT combo LI. Wish me luck, lol