OK, so I decided to do a protein treatment (ion from Sally's) and followed it with a deep treatment (also Sally's)
That day my hair looked and felt great... 2 and now 3 days later and it is dull, dry, limp, frizzy.... basically a hot mess.
SO... does this mean my hair doesn't like protein? Why did it look great the day I did it and then fall apart? Is this normal?

Some background info: 2C hair, fine/medium, medium porosity. Colored and highlighted. Diffuse everyday.

Thanks in advance for any help/advise you can give!
Originally Posted by rosem
IMO, no. Check your ingredients on your new products. Do they contain any polyquats? Those give me bad frizz and make my hair dry. If your hair felt great after the treatment, it was beneficial. Your hair would feel like straw immediately if it did any harm to your hair.
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: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens