I've had PCOS for 20 years. I've suffered the weight gain, the cystic acne, the massive hair loss. Long story short, I've recently started getting a handle on this issue by going at it in a 3 pronged fashion.

Stress reduction:

I've eliminated caffeine(all) for 1.5 yrs, I take large doses of magnesium (Natural Calm) nightly (reduces cortisol-the stress hormone), take potassium as well. I take 2 tsp of sea salt dissolved in warm water daily as the sodium chloride is vital for the body. My blood pressure has improved believe it or not. Once or twice a week I drink powerade zero to make sure I'm not dehydrated. I'm sure there are other things I'm doing but can't remember at the moment.

Estrogen dominance reduction:

I know that probably if you have PCOS you may have been told of the evils of Soy Isoflavones increasing estrogen levels. Well I didn't listen and my facial hair growth(chin and sideburns) are all reducing dramatically when I take a high absorbtion soy isoflavone supplement and 50 gr of soy protein shake(Optimum Nutrition 2 scoops)per day. My skin is much less oily and has a better skintone, not so greyish and washed out.

Other Horomone balancing:

Currently taking 50 mg pregnenolone(in a lipid matrix) to balance the Ovarian/Adrenal(stress)/Thyroid axis hormones. I am also using 50 mg of Iodoral for getting my iodine. The sea salt drink mentioned above also helps flush out bromide from the tissues. Bromide, chlorine, flouride all compete and push out iodine which is why most people are deficient in iodine. I take 5-6000 mg of Vitamin C as well to help with unpleasant bromide detox symptoms.

I de-chlorinate my water by sprinkling about 1/32 of a tsp of Vitamin C powder into my drinking water. This immediately neutralizes chlorine in tap water. If you don't want to do that, leave a large jug of water uncovered overnight and the chlorine will dissipate into the air over about 8 hours.

I neutralize the fluoride in my drinking water by mixing about 1/16 tsp of Borax(yes 20 Mule team borax) into my drinking water and letting it dissolve.
Since I have been adding the C and the Borax to my drinking water, the salt flush has pushe out a lot of bromide. You can tell when your urine is very very cloudy. I know when a bromide dump is going to occur because I get super super sleepy with bad lower back and leg pain for a day or so, then I pee and with super cloudy urine(bromide) my back and leg pain are gone for several days until the next dump.

I think this routine will take me some time to see the end of the tunnel but take heart ladies, my hair is growing back and my left eyebrow which the outside half had almost disappeared is also growing back.

I'm almost 45 and am in more control of my PCOS than I ever have been before. So there is hope. Please do your research on all the things I've mentioned, I did my own research and decided to self-navigate through this without prescription meds. You need to do whatever will work best for you so read read read and read some more to educate yourself on all the options I mentioned.

Hope this helps someone.
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