Hello, y'all! I've been browsing this site for quite some time, and finally decided to join. Anyway, I started the CG method and so far, it's working, well, I've only done it two times, so who knows!? XD Anyway, I've been noticing a problem for a year...or maybe a little over a year. I remember the exact time It started and it was when I used a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner...and after my first run through, I was losing a lot of hair(Before this, I used whatever shampoo or conditioner and my hair was fine. Lost about, two or three stands in the shower)

The last time I washed my hair(which was about...three days ago? four?) I had so much hair...it made a little golf ball.. I have 2c-3a, medium porosity(When I did the test, it was low...but I've embraced my curls for awhile and it does absorb(sometimes) and holds shape, etc. Medium-High density, medium-fine width(More on the fine side) and medium length hair. I use TRESemme' Naturals conditioner as my co-wash(And leave in) and Suave naturals as my conditioner. And I just started using a TRESemme' extra hold control mousse(I started losing more hair...) I can run my fingers through my hair and at least like...7-15 strands come out. The shower is a nightmare and combing my hair while in the shower is...a nightmare...so I really don't know what to do. I have told my parents and they said it's "All normal and you're supposed to lose that much hair" and...yeah, I really don't believe them because I am losing more then a 100 stands a day. I don't know what gives anymore. And I did recently move, about two years ago...but if was still the same where I used to live.

Hair picture

And as of right now...I am running my hands through my hair and I continually (Not meaning to) pulling out strands) Also, my hair has gotten thinner...