Hello, so this is kind of an awkward thing for me to bring up. I have always been thin all my life. I am more confident with my body, but when I was younger I was very self conscious about my weight. In high school I was bullied a lot because everyone thought I was anorexic since I barely weighed 90 pounds. Now that I am older, I feel comfortable in my skin, but I don't know if I am healthy being so thin. My BMI is in the underweight zone. I currently struggle to stay at 115, but according to BMI chart my healthy weight should be 127-141 for my height. I have been trying to increase fats, carbs and proteins in my diet, but I only want to do it in a healthy way. I also am trying to eat bigger portions more frequently throughout the day. Which is hard for me because I hate that "stuffed" feeling in my stomach. Does anyone have any tips for healthy weight gain? It's much appreciated.
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“Imperfection is beauty.”
― Marilyn Monroe