I am all the time complaining that I want my hair to be long but my hair tends to grow quite quick and then I always end up cutting it anyway because my hair gets heavy, I don't like the curl pattern anymore and I feel like it is more work (I am lazy lol) so for me, I never thought I would say this, but I like my hair now more when it's short(er) than long
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This is me, too. My hair was almost to my waist a year and a half ago when I decided to whack it off to just brushing the top of my shoulders (when straight). I then found the Curly Girl book and discovered this website so I started taking care of it and growing it out, curly. It's now past the middle of my back again and the healthiest it's ever been, with all of the conditioning and leave-ins that I had never used previously. Hair grows before ya know it... I think it's a little like finding love: When you're not looking for it, it happens.

BUT I've just scheduled an appointment to cut it again, back to my shoulders. While it's nice to have long and healthy hair, something that I previously thought was impossible, it's almost it's own entity! Babying it everyday, spending a lot more time that I don't have, it's heavy, and I keep getting it caught under my arm or in my seat belt , lol. That's just my own choice... but please don't get disheartened. Good luck to you!
#1 Recommendation: "Search NaturallyCurly" search function for great info
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